Getting Out of the Weeds Through Delegation

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By Michele Hanson, CEO-ExecuInsight LLC –

As you progress in your career you will find the need to evolve in how you lead. We many times start our careers in the corporate world at an entry level position where “doing” or the “how” is an important part of learning and proving our value to the organization. As we progress up that career ladder, taking on higher levels of responsibility and people management, we are challenged with a new form of leadership. We are now faced with the challenge of letting go and moving toward less “doing” and more “coaching.” This can be a difficult adjustment for women who have worked hard to prove themselves and who are innately perfectionists. We have a difficult time letting go. Yet, if we don’t let go, we cannot focus on the strategic and connection skills that will allow us greater success and the opportunity to move into executive/leadership roles. If we stay in the “weeds,” we cannot effectively lead.
Many women are prone to this “do it all mentality.” We are natural caregivers wanting to help everyone, but ourselves. We can be masters of juggling many priorities whether it be work, children, elderly parents, social commitments, volunteer efforts and more. Not only do we manage many differing activities, but we also believe that every activity/responsibility is of high importance. We give our all to everything. The end result can be higher levels of stress and resulting health issues, not getting the promotion at work, a feeling of incompleteness, and guilt over not being able to deliver on commitments.
How do we climb out the “weeds” and begin to enjoy life and see great success in their careers? It all revolves around “delegation.” Finding those opportunities to be less involved in the “doing” and more involved in coaching, leadership and strategic thought.
Take a minute to stop right now and jot down the things that you did today both at work and in your personal life. Take a look at your schedule, your to-do list, and consider all of the non-documented activities. Now, ask yourself the following.
Was there anything that I could have delegated to someone who:
1. Could learn and grow?
2. Had the available time?
3. Is an expert in this area?
4. Has a desire to help?
If you are coming up with nothing, you need to ask those who work for and with you what they believe you could delegate to them or others. Many emerging leaders find that when they ask this question, they get some wonderful ideas and recommendations. Many female leaders are surprised to find that their employees really want them to let go and to give them opportunities that they’ve been hanging on to. Your boss, peers and direct reports will give you valuable feedback.
Once you’ve defined key areas for delegation you need to determine how you will transition those tasks to the receiving individual(s). I recommend that you sit down with the person that is going to pick-up the task or project and discuss the following.
1. What is the ultimate goal? How will we measure success?
2. The specific elements and information needed.
3. Is there training or are resources needed?
4. When will the transition occur?
5. When and how will updates be communicated?
It is then important to let go and trust that individual. There may be a learning curve, but maintain your patience with this process. Focus on the longer term benefits of this delegation effort. Start with smaller tasks initially and gradually move to letting go of the larger responsibilities when the opportunity presents itself.
If women are to succeed in the corporate environment, they’ve got to let go of the less strategic tasks and empower their teams. By doing so, they can free up their brains to address higher level opportunities, to build stronger alliances, and to be seen as effective executive leaders.

A Quick Guide to Confidence in The Work Place

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Confidence comes in many different shapes and sizes. But at the core, confidence derives
from the same thing; knowing who you are and what you want out of life. This of course
is never the easiest thing for women. We grow up and live in a society that tells us what
we want and need. From the media to our mothers to the men in our lives, we are put into
boxes and constantly sized up to the “ideal woman” who actually doesn’t exist. For some
women, the road to confidence is a lot clearer to find; but for others, it is a constant fight
to clear out the negative voices collected over the years and hear our individual voice from
within. Most people are not born with self-confidence and sometimes we must find the
courage to teach and build it for ourselves. It does not come from how we look and dress,
or how talented we become, or even how loud we are in a group of people. It comes from
accepting yourself even at your worst and letting go. It’s getting to know the true you.
There is the saying, “Speak up! Even when your voice shakes.” It’s important as women to
not let our fears and insecurities stand in the way of what we want.

As we relate confidence back to the work force, it can be the drive we need to achieve what
we want. Without that drive, we may settle for a position we dread, or we may hold on to
resentment against those who are more successful then ourselves. Without confidence
we don’t feel adequate and may blame ourselves for problems not of our doing. This only
leads to low self-confidence and insecurity, which greatly affects our relationships with
other women co-workers. Women who lack confidence gravitate towards office gossip
and drama, usually to reassure the uncertainty of their own abilities by putting others
down. It’s like, “drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die,” as the saying
goes. Women who are not happy with who they are only spread negativity and bring other
women down with them. This not only ruins relationships but prevents a business or
company from seeing success. Without confidence it is impossible to have boundaries,
trust others, and find passion to succeed and follow our dreams.

The core of confidence is knowing what you’re all about. How do we do that? Be honest
with yourself. Face your insecurities and fears rather than trying to suppress them with
the hope of gaining confidence. It is important to know where you come from and why you
are the way you are. Own your struggles and don’t allow others to use them against you. It
is also important to recognize your strengths. Put them to use and don’t be afraid to step
up when you feel you would be best for a position or project! Confidence grows over time,
so be patient. It takes time to learn who you are. Also remember to give yourself credit for
accomplishments and stay away from dwelling on mistakes.

Going after what we want can have a powerful impact on our self-esteem. Most of the time
there will always be the natural anxiety and shyness of asking your boss for a raise, or
perhaps competing for a higher position. You may get along great with your co-workers
and respect yourself, but the thought of going after the position you’ve always wanted
gives you butterflies! Meditate and focus on a time in your life when you succeeded and
remember how it made you feel. Success is not always guaranteed but the more you try the
more confident you will grow.

Sometimes it’s a matter of just asking. Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever, authors of
Women don’t ask, ask the question, “Could it be that women don’t get more of the things
they want in life in part because they don’t think to ask for them? Are there external
pressures that discourage women from asking as much as men do—and even keep them
from realizing that they can ask? Are women really less likely than men to ask for what
they want?” The book goes on to explore the “low goals and safe targets” of women.

There are still glass ceilings that need to be broken. These invisible barriers have
developed from years of being a minority in business and leadership positions. The
external conflicts of stereotypes and years of oppression can be fought by women, together
and separately; but such battle cannot be fought without dealing with the internal conflicts.
Confidence allows us to put our passions into practice and make a difference in the world.

The Art of Trust in the Workplace

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Trust is the glue that holds together all human relationships. It’s the very reason we reach out, share ideas, have families, and grow as people. Without this essential ingredient to healthy relationships, people may live in fear and lack genuine intimacy with others. Women especially, may struggle with trustworthy relationships. They may swing from craving intimate bonds, to putting up high walls. So what does trust look like and why is it often avoided and feared?
The ability to trust is established very early in life. Trust begins developing between a baby and its parents, continuing through childhood and into adulthood. Because trust is fragile and easily broken, so many people harbor lifelong resentment and fear. Women, being the more emotional gender, desire connection. Depending on their ability to trust others, women’s relationships can be either open and honest, or guarded and manipulative. Trust can be confusing and hard to master if a person has never seen it modeled by the people in their lives.
When it comes to the work force, the need for trust is even more vital, especially among women. It would seem that when entering the business world, it would be important to keep a wall up in order to be a worthy competitor. But when trust is built, you can find a nice balance between being ambitious, and allowing people to be human; not just animals climbing towards the top. Women make the mistake of thinking trust is sharing their personal lives with others, as well as having total faith that their female co-workers won’t betray them – a very tall emotional order.
Developing trust is actually a lot simpler. The art of trust is the act of letting go. When you keep personal boundaries, people can make mistakes and it won’t hurt on a personal level. The irony is that the healthier your boundaries, the more you can open up and be personal with people. Vulnerability is key because “It is only when team members are truly comfortable being exposed to one another that they begin to act without concern for protecting themselves” (Lencioni 196). Women can bring a more humane approach to the dog-eat-dog work world. It of course, takes practice and effort as well as collaboration with others.
When woman lack trust with one another, they keep their weaknesses and mistakes to themselves. They may grow insecure and try to overcompensate for their shortcomings. Not only does this create empty connections with people, it also hinders a business or company from growing. It is important to communicate what you have to offer, but it is also important to admit that some areas are not your strength. People will know when and what they can depend on you for and they will be able to trust your potential.
If a woman cannot trust the people she works with she may draw the wrong conclusions when a mistake is made. These negative conclusions will only channel into resentment and lead to passive aggressive attitudes. If trust exists between two women, they will give each other the benefit of the doubt, allowing them to voice their opinions and mistakes without fear.
When a person is trustworthy, their positive behaviors will set the tone for the work environment. Energies will be spent on business goals rather than trying to avoid emotional landmines! Woman should take the initiative to build trust within the workplace. First, know who you are and what you want, and always establish your boundaries. Then, get to know the women you work with and let them get to know you. Share your strengths and weaknesses and recognize theirs. Avoid gossip and negative conversations, and always stay true to your promises and yourself.

Remembering Why It Matters – Inspiration for Cooperation Between Women in the Workplace

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The search for solutions to female conflict in the work environment can be found in the voices of activists and feminists struggling to redefine their power and place in this world. Perhaps by looking at how they came together as women we can begin to understand what it takes, why our current struggles are so important, as well as to reinforce the value of peace between women – especially in the office.

Women have the power to work together and make change. From the household to the business office there are actions we have taken to better the quality of our work and lives. Looking at the history of different women’s movements can teach us the healthy intent behind the drive for success.

Let’s go back to the beginning of the 1900s, where women crowded outside the white house, holding signs that read, “Mr. President how long must women wait for liberty!” For over 100 years women came together and organized protests and activist groups all for the same reason- they wanted equality, they wanted their rights! Finally the nineteenth amendment was ratified, we were allowed to vote!

America is not the only country where women joined together to make a difference. In 1971 poor, self-employed women in Ahmedabad, India formed a group called The Self-Employed Women’s Association, also known as SEWA. This group was made up of mothers, potters, weavers, and even trash pickers wanting decent working conditions and protective labor laws. SEWA established the first bank in India and helped educate poor women to save money and properly secure and pay back loans. The radical visions of this women’s group helped improve their own businesses, enhancing the quality of their lifestyles as well as their self-confidence!

In 1977, Nobel Prize winner and the first woman in Central Africa to receive a PhD, Wangari Mathaiand, started the Green Belt Movement. She had this dream to encourage women to plant trees and grow forests all across Kenya. International aid organizations began to pay small sums for their efforts. Mathaiand says, “We started by planting trees, but soon we were planting ideas! We were showing women that they could be an independent force. That they were strong.”

When women work together and not against each other, radical change can take place. The one thing that sticks out the most is the meaning behind these women’s achievements. They wanted to be heard but they also wanted to improve and change the world they lived in. In the workforce it is also important to find meaning in your everyday work. What do you love about work? You may not love your job or career, but perhaps you love certain things about it- the drive to work, the familiar faces, the security of the income. Going to work every day without knowing the meaning of work for you, will start to weigh heavy on you. Then, the endless cycle of stress will begin. This leads to unhappiness and even conflict with others. Remind yourself daily of your meaning in going to work, find a purpose through your own achievements and hard work. Simplify your intentions by making meaningful goals for yourself. Have a vision and don’t be afraid to work toward it. Through this you will discover a new passion for your job and the work you do.

Another powerful tool that these women used was cooperation. There was an unbelievable level of trust amongst the women that dared to drive change. That trust was inspired by open communication and even debate so that they were all clear on their direction and purpose. Communication and offering each woman the utmost in respect allows us to work effectively together in the business world. Having an appreciation for the diverse style another woman brings to the work situation is critical to female success in the business world. Staying away from ineffective and destructive communication practices like gossip, backstabbing and withholding information only lessons our integrity overall. Remember, if one woman sees success, we all see success. If one woman loses because of our overt and negative communication practices, we all lose.

It Is important to remember how far we have come, but it is also important to remember how far we have to go. Women make only 77.5 cents for every dollar that a man may make. Women work three times as hard as men to achieve a promotion they wish to gain. The injustices are found and intensify all over the world. This is why it is so important for women to come together and to resolve unnecessary conflict in the work environment. We need to look outside the minor disagreements, let them go and remember that we need to support one another because we are all women and together we can make positive change.

Why Can’t We Get Along? The Dynamics of Woman to Woman Conflict in the Work Place and How We Can Break the Cycle. (We will be providing an on-going discussion to bring about change for women.)

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Written By: Hallie Gayle, Writer & Editor for ExecuInsight LLC

Women are emotional beings. Biologically and socially, we have been crafted to use the heart as an ultimate guide through life. The heart can act as two things: a wellspring of compassion and understanding or a place where unmet needs brew. It all starts on the emotional battlefield of an elementary playground and continues on to the jungle of high school drama. We eventually enter the dog-eat-dog workforce all grown up, but are we really?

Unlike men, women fight their own invisible battle in their working careers. While men are nurtured to grow into strong, successful providers, the woman’s responsibility becomes trapped in the expected supporting role as a caretaker and nurturer. Although there is nothing wrong with these roles, the question arises, how many women are really okay with such social labels and obligations? Perhaps some women grow up learning to create a mask for themselves in order to please such traditional standards. When entering the workforce this may result in a split personality, also known as being “two-faced.” While our nurtured interpersonal skills connect us to other woman co-workers, there’s a competitive force inside of us that many times is suppressed until we find ourselves in stress. When stress or “fight or flight” kicks in, we may take it out on our women companions. We may want to climb to the top for that promotion, but we know it may get in the way of a friendship, and alas, this is when the claws may come out. Women become a paradox of conflicting needs and it becomes “ironic that on one hand, when a woman is in emotional pain, she will seek out a female friend for consolation, while on the other, it is often another woman who put her in that predicament in the first place” (Heim 1). Deep resentment, passive-aggressive communication, gossiping, these are nothing new to the members of the female specie. The fact that these negative qualities may sneak their way into our careers and jobs and womanhood may send us over the edge, but in a subtle, passive-aggressive kind of way of course.

Men on the other hand, are able to shake off any insults when climbing the competitive ladder. They are not emotionally invested in their fellow male co-workers nor do they wish to be. Although men have their faults just as well, their detached relationship patterns bring clear insight into what woman might be doing too much of in the working aspect of their lives. The New York Times brings to light a very important question, “How can woman break through the glass ceiling if they are ducking verbal blows from other women in cubicles, hallways and conference rooms?” (Meece) In other words, how do we remain healthy relationships with other women, while striving for success? Here are a few tips to assist in accomplishing this:

• Establish boundaries. It is not necessary to pour your heart out to everyone you meet, especially women with whom you work. Keep a line drawn between your business life and your personal life and be the ultimate guard to who you let in. This doesn’t mean you can’t be friendly with the people at work, it just means you need to be selective in who you share your deepest thoughts with.

• Stay away from gossip and negative conversations. Women can be drawn to this as a way to naturally bond with other women. Unfortunately, this is not something that is understood or respected in the corporate environment. Women also use gossiping as a way to avoid conflict. It is best to directly address the individual you have an issue with, immediately and calmly. This will truly allow you to relieve stress, maintain your integrity, and possibly gain further understanding as to “why” that person did what they did. The next step would be to let it go. Do not hold grudges and let people hold that kind of power over you and your emotions. Be honest, work hard, respect others: these are the things in your control.

• Know who you are. Understand your own style and personal needs. Make sure you are not subconsciously trying to get your “emotional needs” met at work In other words, have a nourishing life outside of work. Recharge in your personal life by doing the things you love. Work is a place to contribute to something larger and a place where you make a living. Don’t bring your personal challenges and struggles into an unsafe emotional environment. Set specific and separate goals for your career life and your personal life.

• Know what you want. Don’t be afraid to let your healthy competitive side come out. Set goals and go after them and don’t let emotions or other’s expectations hold you back. Don’t let gender specific roles define where you go in life!

Women are emotional beings; powerful, emotional beings. We fought for the right to vote, we give birth and raise children, we make up over 52% of the labor force (DPE), and we are the new majority at 57% attending colleges and universities, our role in the labor force has sky rocketed in the last century. We break glass ceiling after glass ceiling and it is important that we never stop. Change starts with the individual!

Heim, Pat, Susan Murphy, and Susan K. Golant. In the company of women: turning workplace conflict into powerful alliances. New York: J.P. Tarcher/Putnam, 2001. Print.

Meece, Mickey. “Backlash - Women Bullying Women at Work -” The
New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 June 2012. .

DPE, Department of Public Employees. Women in the Professional Workforce. August 2011.

The Spirit of a Marathon

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I recently ran my third marathon and found it to be the most amazing experience of my life. For the first time in my running career, I was not focused on “time” but was focused on the other runners that were there. Something happened to me that surely has changed my view of the purpose of running in my life, forever.

I started out this race with friends that were pacing the 5 hour group. I thought that would be a good place to start as I always seems to start too fast and not have a good amount of energy at the end. I stayed with that group for the first few miles and then moved up a bit as I met other runners. I spent just about the entire race from that point forward running with other first time marathoners. I learned so much about them and their thoughts and goals as they accomplished one of their dreams and probably one of the toughest goals in their lives. There was a connection with these people that just can’t be described. They each had a life story that had brought them to this place and they were passionate about what they were doing and where they were going. They each touched my heart in ways that they will never know. I think that what I gained from my marathon this weekend is that it is not about the race but it is about helping other people to achieve their dreams. Whether it’s talking with them to help them ease the pain or going at a slower pace to meet their needs… it is something that I will do at each and every race in my future. I will never again run to achieve a “time” but will run to help others see success.

I also have to talk about the people who were on the side lines cheering us on because the same experience was happening here. I was so touched by the fans and people who gave their time, comfort and enthusiasm towards making us feel as though we were important. The giving was tremendous from these fans that would chant everyone’s name whether they knew us or not. They would offer words of encouragement that meant more than they could have ever imagined.

A friend of mine who was one of those fans sent me a note about the experience he had on the sidelines as he watched two younger men cheering others on. I think this sums things up.

“The thing that really was “revealed” to me was the unity that I witnessed. Deepak is always teaching about how we are all connected. I saw these two young college aged boys who were cheering for everyone. They were Hispanic or perhaps Persian / Indian. These two young men taught me a great lesson about the human spirit. They were cheering for complete strangers for hours, non-stop, just because… Just because there is an innate connection that most of us are not even aware of. These two young men were not just groupies without a life. They were athletic, handsome, and intelligent. They could have been doing a number of other things with their life at that moment, but they chose to be part of something much bigger. I think the spirit of marathons is fantastic.”

The bigger question now is, how do we take that spirit, that level of giving, that respect for other human beings, that genuine kindness & caring, that passion & love for others… and make it an everyday occurance…an every minute occurance?

Love the Life You Have Right NOW!

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In today’s hectic environment both at work and in your personal life, it is important to place a focus on loving who you are and the life you have right now. Much of the time we are looking for that next “thing” whatever it might be and we forget about the amazing things we have in our lives right now.

So many of us hang on to the past and don’t let go. We especially hang on to negative thoughts around those who have hurt us in some way. I have recently seen this with friends who have gone through divorce. They are so focused on the hurt and pain that has been caused by someone they used to love. They continue to dwell on that pain and sometimes anger and it eats away at their confidence and self-esteem. This can also been seen in individuals who have recently been laid off from a company. These individuals feel the pain of having given to a company only to receive the “pink” slip. Many times, “work” defined who that person was and now that “work” or the “job” is gone, they are angry.

The real truth is that anger only hurts one person and that is YOU. Let go of the past. I like the comment that Wayne Dyer makes where he asks, “what powers the speed boat to go forward? Is it the wake (the past) or is the the engine (the now)?” You can make the choice to live your life in the past and focus on the wrongs or you can live in this present moment and love the life you have. If you choose NOW, you will see positive things emerge in your life each and every day. Give it a try!

It’s Time For Change!

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The preasure is mounting for companies across the United States and around the world to really change their way of doing business, dramatically! Organizations are in turmoil. Consumer’s are not spending unless it is something they need. Our government is providing funding to companies that have old business models that don’t work.

It is time to take a new look at business and how to structure it for success into the future. The Command and Control, heirarchical structure will not win in today’s environment. Collaberative and smart organizations will be the winners going forward. One’s that can figure out what is needed in the consumption environment and bring those products and services to light at the lowest cost possible.

There will be a need for a new work environment Companies need to look at new options that bring the total employee into the work situation recognizing that they are not one person at work and another person at home. Organizations need to look at the total individual to gain the maximum in productivity. Not only what skills does this person will bring to their company but also what does this person need from a personal perspective? What life experiences do they have? Who do they know, both personally and professionally? In the future workplace, the employees that will be hired into an organization need to be a perfect match from a cultural, skills, and personal perspective.

To keep the absolute best employee who is going to provide output and benefit, companies will need to consider the total employee. What are their needs from a work style and home life perspective? How do we capitalize on their strengths and get them involved in what they do best? No longer do we have the time or money to work on weaknesses. Let’s face it… if it is a weakness, then it is not worth forcing on an employee. Focus instead on the strengths that, that employee brings to the work environment. There will be a larger ROI which is what all companies need right now because the employee is happier and ultimately more productive.

Giving to Others

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There is a never ending stream of notifications I receive via email (WSJ) indicating that thousands of jobs are being lost each day. It just saw an announcement today that the jobless rate is at a new high level. The anxiety, fear and uncertainty is building among many Americans. What can you do?

I am suggesting that you do something that may not be on your mind if you are out of work and that is, give to others around the world. This may be hard to fathom when you are concerned about paying the mortgage. But, I challenge you to work into your daily activities a segment of time to “Give” of yourself.

Giving to others has an amazing almost magical affect on you and can bring many positives into your life. Here are some strategies to consider:

1. Incorporate a certain amount of time in your day to break away from the job search and to give. It can be in the form of actual labor, administrative activities, or even strategic thinking for a non-profit.

2. You’ll be amazed at the people you will meet that can potentially help you to find that next career step or opportunity.

3. Giving gets you away from the negative thoughts of doubt and helplessness.

4. When you do something for someone else, it is inevitable… you will have the good returned… if you don’t require it. Just do good expecting nothing in return and the positive experiences (opportunities) will come your way.

5. You begin to understand that you are needed. There are people in this world that desperately need your help! You have the power to change their lives in ways that you’ve never imagined.

Don’t miss this blessed opportunity to give of yourself. The benefits are numerous and there are no negatives. You can only win and others win as well.

Staying Healthy in Today’s Work Environmnet

Gender Diversity, Health & Wellness - 30 Comments » - Posted on February, 3 at 11:18 am

Today’s work world is more stressful than ever. There are massive layoffs occuring and much uncertainty that exists on a daily basis. Whether you are a victim of downsizing or you are still working and being asked to do more with less, you need to remember to focus on YOU and YOUR health and wellness.

Stress does many negative things to our bodies. It can seriously upset the chemical balance within us and the effects can be deterimental in the long run. The mind, body and spirit will be attacked by stress and these inter-related aspects will experience deterioration at the expense of it causing us much unhappiness.

Some of the effects you may be seeing from stress may look like this:

1. The Mind: You are feeling anxiety, fear, unhappiness with all that is going on. You have a hard time focusing on the job at hand whether it be searching for a job or executing the duties you are required to do at work. You feel frozen… you can’t get motivated to do much at all and this all starts to affect the relationships you have with the people who are close to you and your co-workers.
2. The Body: Your body starts to feel the effects of stress quite quickly. You will see the extra pounds coming on in different places. You’ll feel sluggish and will not have the energy to exercise and may not feel that level of enthusiasm you used to have in completing work projects. By mid-day, you may be feeling really tired and food becomes your companion. Usually, it’s the wrong kinds of foods. This all leads to serious complications with potential obesity and the diseases that stem from being over-weight like diabetes, heart problems, thyroid issues and more.
3. The Spirit: You will feel dishearted and sometimes there is a level of hopelessness that will develop. Doubt and fear will take over and you are unable to show the love that you have in your heart to others. You might have this wall that develops around your heart and you may be unwilling to let the positive in.

The good news is, we can do something about all of this. It sounds pretty dismal, but YOU can take action! Here are some simple steps that you can take to keep your Mind, Body and Spirit operating at it’s full, most positive potential during these very difficult times.

1. The Mind: Stay away from any negative conversations in the workplace or outside of the work setting. Only let the positives in. If there is a negative conversation that comes your way, change the topic or excuse yourself from that discussion. Keep your mind busy with new, positive thoughts. Start to look into things your really have a passion for. Maybe it’s a hobby or volunteer work to help others. Place a big rubber band on your wrist and each time a negative thought comes into your mind, snap it. This is called a pattern interupt. Once you do this enough (30 days) you will change your thought patterns to be more positive in nature.
2. The Body: Set up a workout schedule. In fact, keep a calendar of what you will be doing every hour of the day. Make time for any kind of daily exercise and moving the body. Our bodies were built to move. It doesn’t matter if it is walking or working out. Just do it and do it daily. Also, look at detox programs. I have been using the Isagenix program for over 2 years and it has been the best thing that I have ever done! I am toned and feel great and full of energy all of the time. It is all natural and is used by many athletes around the country. I encourage you to check out the following website to learn more. It is imperative that you eat healthy during these difficult tmes. A program like this allows you to eat healthy and at a cost that is less than your average meal.
3. The Spirit: Take care of your spirit. It is so important to your well-being. Attend church if you enjoy that, pray if that is your thing, and meditate. Meditation has been viewed by many as a “Zen” like activity and maybe a little strange. Meditation can be as simple as just relaxing and listening to your breathing while you are at a stop-light. It doesn’t have to be anything formal and should really be what is comfortable to you. The important thing is that you stop and relax the mind.

Our world is going through a big correction process that can make life seem a bit unpleasant at times. Keep in mind that this is a way for the Universe or God or whatever you believe in… to correct and reset itself. Use this time to reset yourself and to bring a new level of health into your life.

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