“ExecuInsight has provided the skills and expertise needed to make a difference.”
“Our Women’s Initiatives have been greatly enhanced because of the work that ExecuInsight has done for our firm.”

Sandra Bushby, National Director of Women’s Initiatives, KPMG

“I was ready to give up my vending business until I met ExecuInsight. Michele and Kate helped me gain confidence in my product and myself. They put together a business plan, then marketed my business with power point presentations, cold calling, encouraged networking, built a web site, designed my business cards, and recommended reading material to keep me going and help me develop competence in sales. Along the way, I had many questions and both Michele and Kate were always available to email or for conference calls. I have yet to meet the two face to face, but that does not matter. I feel like I have business partners I can trust.”

Jeff Halbe, CEO, Diablo Coffee Company

“As a Founder/CEO, I recently transitioned a new CEO into my role so that I could explore new business opportunities. Just before my departure, I worked with Michele Hanson to understand what my true interests and relational & communication tendencies were. We did this through an on-line assessment tool she utilizes and coaching sessions. The information that your receive from this process is phenomenal and has provided me with clear direction in my next business efforts along with helping me to better relate to those around me. I actually was so enthused about the service that Michele provided, that I had my two college age children go through it as well. It has helped them to better focus their efforts in terms of areas of study and has given them guidance in how to effectively work with people in the academic world and in their personal lives. I highly recommend the services that Michele offers as it will make a tremendous difference in your life.”

Herman Cárdenas, CEO, Lone Star Renaissance, LLC

"I am at a point in my life where I'm trying to decide on a career change. Through Michele Hanson's assessment and coaching, I can now recognize what my true interests and needs are in the work environment. Michele has helped me to identify my weaknesses and focus on my strengths. Her suggestions have truly been invaluable. She has helped me set goals and gain the courage to pursue a new career that will be more suitable for me."

Korrie Hoskins, Benefits, City of Austin

“Working with Michele on my Birkman Assessment was a wonderful experience that delivered incredible results. The Birkman Assessment helped me truly understand my strengths and needs. I had a basic idea of my strengths, but was not educated on what I needed to be effective and satisfied in a work place environment. By learning more about my needs, I was able to identify the ideal workplace setting in which I would be both satisfied and successful. I am a consultant and I screen potential clients just as diligently as they screen me when determining whether or not I am a good match for their company. Having my needs met is vital to my performance level. I want to do outstanding work and now I know what I need to deliver outstanding results. Michele provided me with an incredible set of tools for success. My only regret is not doing the Birkman assessment sooner.”

Mendy Freppon, CEO, Front & Center Marketing

“I had the opportunity to utilize Michele Hanson’s services as I was in the midst of a potential career change. Though the assessment and coaching sessions, I was able to learn what I really had a passion for in my career efforts. Because of this process, I am now running my own company and seeing much success!”

Johanna Kimball, CPA, PPLC

“I am always striving to help my team to find their passions and see greater success. I utilized Michele Hanson and ExecuInsight’s services to really enhance my team’s effectiveness through individual coaching and a team session. They each learned more about themselves and their individual style tendencies. In the group session, they were able to then take that one step further and really figure out how to work better together as a team and how to more effectively manage those who worked for them. I also used this process and information to make decisions around career steps and promotions for my people. This has truly been a winning experience for my team!”

Tonie Williams, Director, Marketing, CPG Executive